Hilti ST1800-A18 18-volt Adjustable Torque Cordless Screwdriver

Hilti cordless drill 18v specially designed for the prosIf you plan on spending time on little chores around the house or an average DIY project just exit this review now and check out the regular cordless drills because this tool is for the professionals that will spend more time holding the Hilti 18 volt more than they do holding their wives hands. For the price tag of this beast you will want to get your money's worth.

The Hilti ST 1800-A18 is on the top of the food chain in the contracting/rebuilding/remodeling industry and don't belong building birdhouses as this tool is for the folks that work on siding, metal decking, structural steel, side laps; installation of facades, metal and glass etc.

It is scratch and mark resistant and can handle the many falls it will endure from being an overused versatile tool. The battery will outlast the worker on any given shift and is built to last for years. You will not find any bad cordless drill reviews on this tool and if you somehow discover one chances are it was just and isolated incident and that the Hilti Manufacturers were quick to resolve.


Why Hilti cordless drills are the top dog in their 18v class

  • The motor has a built-in cooling technology that protects the tool from overheating or overloading while extending the tools lifespan and performance
  • A constant on-mode for feeding screws through its Claw Clutch feature
  • Engineered to handle the toughest job site conditions
  • Downtime is greatly reduced with the tools quick charging and battery life as it uses lithium-ion
  • There are 18 adjustment options for the torque positions
  • With the short line grip and compact housing expect an exceptional tool balance one-handed

This drill was born to outlast and outperform every other tool on the market and that's why business owner's and professionals alike always go straight to the Hilti section of a tool shop instead of wasting their time with the toy tools.

The 18 adjustable torque positions is great for eliminating the snapped-off issue most drills have or having to worry about the tool over tightening the screws. There is also an on/off switch that allows you to control the torque speed to avoid fastener overdrive.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that work productivity and more work per charge is featured with this drill increasing higher production of jobs.


Q - Does it come with an LED light for night time use?

A - No. It's a terrific piece of equipment so don't let the this missing feature sway you away.

Q - How many batteries come with the kit?

A - You will get 2 lithium-ion batteries

The Verdict

Every professional needs to have this brand sitting in their tool box. The thousands of positive reviews should be enough to tell you that you are getting a trustworthy drill that will increase job productivity which means an increase in $$$ signs. How much more motivation will you need then money and tool that works like a beast on adrenaline.