The Best 20v Cordless Drill Goes to: Dewalt 20v Max XR

Dewalt 20v Max XR reviews and ratings

A 20v drill delivers plenty of power for most construction jobs and projects around the house. Any drill to be used frequently should be reliable and convenient to use. The Best 20v cordless drill is one that offers various options, offers reliability, and will last for years to come. The Delwalt 20v max cordless drill comes as a stand alone product or as part of a set. As a stand alone product, it comes with belt hook and 360 degree side handle. As part of a set, it comes with the side handle, belt hook, rechargeable lithium ion battery, battery charger, and handy carrying case.


Why Do Most Contractors Love The Dewalt 20v Cordless Drill?


The Dewalt DCD995B 20V Max XR is powerful, with up to 2,000 RPMs. It is a useful tool for high speed drilling applications, such as masonry work. A drill that can go from wood working to masonry jobs is a useful tool for many contractors. It is also a useful tool for projects around the house. There is no need to switch to a different tool for a different type of project.

The brush-less motor provides quiet operation and more efficient energy use. This means the drill can go longer between battery charges and users can be more aware of their immediate surroundings.

The cordless operation allows the drill to be taken on many jobs outside or where no power outlets are available. This is a useful feature for those who work in construction or related trades, from start to finish of each project. It can be used outdoors around the house, for work on decks, garages, and patios. It allows DIY home owners to take their jobs outside, weather permitting. This helps eliminate dust and debris inside the home. (Read our Full Dewalt 20v Max Review here)


The Dewalt 20v max cordless drill is more expensive than other brands. Homeowners who want to tackle the occasional small project or repair may consider buying a less expensive brand.

The stand alone drill does not come with battery or charger. They must be purchased separately, or with the kit.

Some of The Top Q & A's About Dewalt 20v Max Cordless Drill

What is the cost of the Dewalt 20v Max cordless drill?

The stand alone tool is priced just over $150. For around $45 more, at around $198, the buyer can get the charger and rechargeable battery, as well as the carrying case for all three. The kit also includes the belt clip and side handle, for easier operation in certain situations.

How can this tool be used in masonry projects?

The Dewalt 20v max cordless drill offers 3 speeds and up to 34,00 bpm, for high speed drilling. Like any drill for masonry work, it must be used with a special masonry bit, which prevents chipping and cracking of the concrete and is designed not to break when drilling out concrete.

How reliable is this product?

The Dewalt 20v max drill is made by a trusted name. Both DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors know the name and identify with reliable, quality products that won't let them down on any job, large or small.