Best Cordless Impact Drivers 2018 Edition

Best cordless impact drivers -- get top rated reviews here.

Even though not too many people prefer impact drivers over the use of cordless drills there is something that draws in buyers everyday and that's their torque and driving power. This desiring need for more power is converting many DIYer's and professionals to want impact drivers and this need is growing increasingly popular each day.

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You also need to view each type of tool differently. One tool excels at boring holes and the other exceeds in driving fasteners but when you want more torque the impact (as the name suggests) driver expels more driving power to strike the drive mechanism with an enormous amount of force then recedes and repeats the process until the job is finished.

Last Updated: 11/12/2018


Milwaukee M18 Fuel impact driverYou will enjoy having a multiple speed setting with this Milwaukee M18 Fuel impact driver leaving you with an option to change the speed torque for smaller jobs then to readjust the setting to expel more power and force for the tougher jobs. You also don't need to worry about reactionary torque as you would if you bought a cordless drill reducing the risk of injury or causing fatigue to your wrist from all the twisting.

This driver was also built with user friendly conveniences in mind. There is a built-in LED fuel gauge that allows the user to keep track of how much energy is left. The gauge is really user friendly as it has been placed in the front of the tool where the charge availability can be read birds eye view from the operator.


Top Milwauakee M18 Fuel Questions & Answers

Q - I have several 18V tools that are not a Milwaukee brand will the batteries be able to perform with the Milwaukee brand?

A - No. You need to use the batteries at are designed for the Milwaukee 18V.

Q - What is the peak torque for this model?

A - 1600 inch/pounds.

Q - What is the difference between getting the tool by itself or within the kit combo?

A - The kit will include a hard case (the tool by itself doesn't have a case), two batteries, charger and the tool.

Q - What is the battery cell type?

A - Only the best. Lithium-ion that will last you quite a while longer than regular batteries.

Q - I have a lot of overhead type jobs and need to know if this impact driver will cause me some fatigue. Can you tell me the weight of this driver?

A - The weight of the tool by itself (not the weight of the combo kit) is 10.5 pounds.


Makita impact driver reviews and ratingsIf you're needing a lot of torque and power without the extra weight check out the makita 18 volt 3-speed Lxt for it's compact handling since it only ways 2.3 pounds. And this baby feels more responsive with each trigger with an equally amazing quick-shift mode. The Makita LXDT06 also comes with a convenient battery fuel gauge keeping you in total control of the power left in your battery. You will also be very happy to discover that this model was born in Japan and you know how products from Japan (unlike China that uses low quality steel) perform--exceptional with strictest of tolerances and high quality metals.

This model also comes with adjustable 3 speed settings and automatic mode, so you never need to give a small job too much power and you never have to give a tough job too little power. Yes, we humans love choices. What's even greater about the 3-speed settings is when working with the autoshift mode technology because you can begin at a higher speed and when it reaches a certain load it will reduce down to a medium speed setting.


Top Makita Brushless Impact Driver Questions

Q - How is the speed step down?

A - When you have to frame heavy guage metal you will be happy to know that the Makita LXDT06 saves a lot of snapped framing screws

Q - I'm a commercial electrician looking for an impact drill would this model be recommended?

A - Yes! When you're on the job you need something built with time management as it's main focal point along with quality work. The built in fuel gauge will keep you on track of battery life and how long on the project you have. The speed control is another must have that will keep you from damaging any materials that don't require too much force.

Q - Can I use the reverse option when using the driver in T-mode giving self setting screws a no load?

A - Yes.

You're basically getting a little powerhouse when purchasing the Makita LXDT06 and will make any job feel effortless without skimping on the quality of the job at hand.

Dewalt Impact Driver 20v Max

Dewalt brushless impact driverLet me start off with the cons to this amazing impact driver (oxymoron?) before I begin with goods. It will not have a speed adjustment setting that I beamed about with the previous impact drivers I discussed here so do make sure to have a regular drill handy when you need a lighter touch. Now that I got the bad out of the way here are the goodies.

You will be forever loving this drill that is so powerful but yet so lightweight. If you are expecting a 10-12 hour work shift of nothing but screwing, unscrewing, drilling and reverse drilling you can happily expect for your sidekick to hang-on the whole way without its battery dying before the day is through because its battery sure does last quite a while, so goodbye to the slackers and "can I get another 15?" sidekicks and hello to the "I don't need a break until the job is done" powerhouses.

One more thing I need to mention before we take off into the question and answers is that when you combine a brushless motor with a lithium ion battery you are giving yourself no excuse to not finish any job that doesn't involve more than a days work, so get ready to keep a deadbolt on your toolbox because co-workers will be checking out your newest eye candy throwing bros before tools out the window.


Top Dewalt Impact Driver Questions

Q - Can you use any 20v battery or does it have to be the XR batteries?

A - You can use any 20v battery.

Q - Can this be used on car lug nuts?

A - That will be a NO! For that type of job I highly recommend you getting an impact wrench but you can use the impact driver on the lug nuts once they've been loosened.

Q - Does the bare tool come with the battery?

A - No! A the name suggest it is as naked as a baby being born. You will have to purchase the battery separate unless of course you purchase the kit version that comes with the whole shebang.


Porter cable 20v impact driver ratings and reviewsWhen you're working with all sorts of jobs that deal with nuts, screws, bolts and the constant need for power you will be needing the 18 volt porter cable 20v max at your side. If you have to go up and down ladders constantly with the potential butter fingers creeping in from time to time you will like to know that this impact driver is pretty strong and durable to handle a 20 foot drop without needing to give it mouth to mouth resuscitation, as only you will be the only one needing mouth to mouth resuscitation once your co-workers get a load of you getting all "endless love" on your impact driver.

The battery charges really quick and will last you a pretty long time. This impact driver is not the most powerful out of all the high end drivers but what it lacks in power it makes up for in durability.


Top Porter Cable Impact Driver Questions

Q - Why does the driver say 18v on the battery but 20 volt in the description?

A - The lithium ion battery has 5 cells and each cell contains 3.7 volts each, which will equal out to 18.5 volts and once the battery has had a chance to get a full charge it will increase its volts by 0.3 that is the missing 1.5 volts from the description that totals out to 20 volts (raise your hand if you are a fellow math nerd and didn't mind the mathematical spiel! :-) )

Q - I know most tool drills and drivers come with a belt clip, but does this have one too?

A - Yes, no user is without that handy dandy belt clip for the up the ladder jobs or just feeling like the 'tool boss" on the job site.

Q - Will the charger automatically turn off once fully charged?

A - Yes! It us unlikely you will get much use out of the charger, though, this battery last a long time.


Bosch 18v cordless impact driver ratingsThe dual use or hybrid use on this here impact driver chuck is certainly a terrific feature many workers will enjoy. You should also prepare yourself for some extreme torque because the Bosch Hybrid beats out Milwaukee high end impact driver hands down, plus you get the adjustable speed settings that we are all getting a bit spoiled by and the torque settings. Thanks to it being brushless you have a tool that just won't quit and who's complaining? Nobody.

If you are looking for an impact driver that can handle the reconstructing process and make the rebuild process even better you have found the right drill. Removing over 200 rusted, jammed screws is not unheard of right before screwing in over 1000 newer drills in the same day without the charge crapping out on you. This driver is on the lighter side but not completely lightweight and it is compact enough for those overhead jobs easing some of the fatigue most workers experience with heavier models.


Bosch 18v Impact Driver Questions

Q - Can I use this driver on an automobile?

A - You can use it on lug nuts providing they were loosed first with an impact wrench. There are several other jobs that this driver can be use when dealing with a car but if it is a tough job that requires an impact drill use the suggested drill to avoid damaging you impact driver.

Q - Does it use standard impact sockets?

A - Yes! Which is the 1/2" drive sockets. No adapters needed.


milwaukee m12 impact driver ratingsThis is a lightweight/compact impact driver that utilizes the same battery fuel gauges as the larger impact drills and is backed up with a convenient quick charge feature. Don't let the little body fuel you (I'm a dork you know I meant fool, right?) this impact driver comes with its own torque settings and speed control settings that only a few of the larger 18v/20v drivers are equipped with. To top off all the greatest aforementioned you will be happy to know that it is indeed brushless--picture that cute energizer bunny moving in circles hitting its drum repeating the saying "it keeps going and going" and will finish the job.

Just weighing in at 1.8 pounds this 12v driver is powered by a lithium ion battery and since I've already told you it is brushless (I think it's the only 12v brushless driver so no competition) you have a heavy hitter without the heavy.


Milwaukee M12 Fuel Impact Driver Questions

Q - Will I be able to use my M12 fuel batteries with my M12 non fuel drivers?

A - Yes, you can use the M12 fuel with M12 non fuel on each of the drivers but from research and personal use you can expect a difference in the power the driver will have and also that the charging process may be a lot slower.

Q - Are you able to to place the bit in without having to pull on the ring?

A - You can insert the bit without pulling the ring but just know that you will have to still pull the ring to eject the bit.


ingersoll rand impact driver reviewThis impact driver is not for every job site or DIYer as it's main focus in life is to be an industrial worker or work in close proximity to a man's (and women) best friend besides his four-legged furry pal and that is cars. Yes, this industrial/automobile tool is loved by employees because of its lightweight (2.3 pounds) and plastic grips that can handle the tough drips of chemicals and solvents that are found in these types of fields. The aluminum gearbox was designed to handle the many drops it will have landing on hard garage floors.

Not the best impact drill but if your job involves a lot of chemicals and hard drops then you will need an indestructible impact driver and not one meant for the regular home construction kinds of work detail.

Not too many questions are needed with this self-explanatory drill but if you have any feel free to leave it in the comments section or simply email us and we will be happy to answer.



bosch 12v impact driver ratingsThis little bitty is the most user friendly, most compact, most powerful 12volt , most...nope that's it I'm done with all the mostest. You will love this impact drill as it is durable, long lasting and powerful to handle most of the jobs needed while being budget friendly. So if you're a hobbyist, a DIYer or someone learning how to use power tools then this one should be in your tool box.

It is 1'' inch shorter than the Milwaukee 12v being able to fit in even tighter spots with excellent balance. There are 3 LED lights that illuminate a lot brighter than many other models and it is located in the front of the impact driver. However, some consumers have mentioned that there has been a little delay in the trigger but nothing major. The ring light works so much better than the standard single light under the chuck.


Bosch 12v Impact Driver Questions

Q - I've noticed that the bit moves a little back and forth is my driver damaged?

A - It is supposed to do that because it needs a little bit of free movement for the impact mechanism so it is completely normal.

Q - Does it have a brushless motor?

A - No it is brushed.

Q - What is the difference between this model, the PS41-2 and the Ps21-2A?

A - The PS41-2 has an adjustable speed and the hammer drill action the other is a 2-speed screw driver and the PS41-2 has more power. Basically one is an impact and the other is a more powerful screwdriver.


If there are any other impact drivers that you didn't read here and would like other consumers to know about please let us know and we will be happy to update this review. We want the readers to know the best so that they can purchase the best and all opinions matter.

In closing,

If you've read all of the reviews and are still not sure which is best a cordless drill or an impact driver I will leave you with a few more "better than cordless drill" examples. The impact driver will have no "cam outs" leaving you fewer stripped screw heads. More compact than any other cordless drill providing less fatigue and easier to maneuver tighter spaces. Lastly, the no reactionary torque and faster motor speed should be enough to have you singing all the way to the tool shed.


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