Black & Decker BDCI20C 20V MAX Lithium Impact Driver Review

black&decker-20v-impact-driverIf your sole purpose for using a 20v impact driver is for everyday DIY projects around your home, which do include high level projects then this Black & Deck 20V MAX driver is the perfect tool accessory. If you need a workhorse for professional jobs you may enjoy using this tool but I recommend you check out other pro drivers.

Built compact and lightweight providing the tool operator with a much more comfortable driving experience and less stress on their body this driver has many features that provide an ergonomic experience. It's handy quick release 1/4 inch hex chuck makes for convenient bit changes with one handed motion. Weighs only 3.6 pounds terrific for overhead projects creating less user fatigue.


What's to like about Black & Decker Cordless Impact Driver?

This baby may not be the most powerful of all the professional drivers but it is a powerful tool and it will deliver up to 1375 in-lbs of torque with a powerful 20 volt motor. The B&D 20 volt lithium-ion battery system allows for many consumers that already have B&D 20 volt max tools to use the battery interchangeably among the others providing excess batteries or giving the option of just purchasing the future tools bare for increase money savings.


  • 1/4 inch quick chuck hex release--changing bits never have been easier
  • Maneuverability increased thanks to the lightweight and compact design
  • The tools high performance transmission gives the user 1375 in-lbs max torque
  • Black & Decker 20 MAX batteries are interchangeable among other B&D 20v max tools
  • Lithium-ion Battery gives long lasting performance

You will also enjoy this B&D impact driver's variable speeds that allow up to 3,000 RPM giving the tool operator full control over the amount of power they want the tool to drive. Terrific for those projects that need less oomph than others without the risk of the extra power damaging the job at hand. You can also trigger activate by driving a lot of initial force then slowly release your finger from the trigger to finesse the screw in further.

If all the details provided haven't persuaded you to want this powerful tool in your shed or toolbox then maybe its incredibly affordable price may lure you into to seal the deal. This tool is over HALF the cost LESS than other leading contenders but with the same power and performance. Why spend more to get the same? The only thing I can see different from this tool and the other costly drivers is it's lacking some of the features that make jobs much more convenient. The missing belt clip and LED light may be an issue if your jobs consist of heavy ladder use or working in tight dark places or working well into the night time.

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Commonly Impact driver questions:

Q - I already own the Black & Decker 20 MAX volt drill...can I use my battery on this tool?

A - Yes! All 20 Max Volt batteries from the B&D line can work interchangeably.

Q - How many batteries will I get with this tool?

A - One lithium-ion battery.

Q - Does it have an LED light?

A - No light. You may want to invest in a separate LED flashlight if you will be working in dark spaces.

What's my final word:

The Black & Decker BDC120C 20V MAX Lithium-ion Impact driver may not be the workhorse of the tools out there but for the price you are paying you will get a lot of high level projects completed fast and with ease. It is ergonomic and lightweight reducing user stress on the body. It is affordable while not being cheap in quality.

The only thing I would like to see improved is the missing LED lighting feature. Almost every tool has one and every tool benefits with one. The belt clip is another that should be included as this feature is highly convenient for the worker that doesn't work in a confined area and moves around a lot or on different levels of a building. Other than the two missing features I do see whoever buys this tool getting a lot of use out of it and enjoying every moment.