Craftsman Impact Driver 19v Review

Read all about our latest Craftsman impact driver 19v c3Craftsman's most convenient impact driver thus far. They have added some much needed and beneficial features to this driver that many builders, DIYer's and the Handyman around town can and will enjoy. I will just jump right ahead and share the goods.

This driver now has a much quicker bit release holder without needing two hands like the previous models. The LED light around the chuck on this tool is so efficient and reliable. The light will stay on 6 seconds after you've release the trigger which is important for double checking your work for errors before moving along. There is also a speed control (variable speed which means trigger activated) feature that many workers will say is beneficial when dealing with projects that just can't handle too much torque and a simple finessing will serve it's purpose just fine or the opposite when you need all the power this tool can muster out especially when one of your jobs require you to drive through cement.


So what else there to like about the Craftsman Impact driver?

The lithium-ion battery gives so much life to this driver that you will sometimes forget that you are running on a cordless impact driver and not one that is corded. What is even better than the long lasting better is that it goes down like a hero and not dwindle down like a dying lamb. When the battery is done It. Is. Done. No drawn out battery dying whimper causing you to be mid-screw in the wall until you get the battery charged back up.

Just don't expect a handy belt clip which is the only flaw I've seen so far. Craftsman, why? Your driver was almost perfect aside from an important flaw that drives convenience to a job site devoted to running up and down ladders or keeping it by your side at all times without having to hold it.

This craftsman c3 works great both ways forward and reverse so that labor ridden job of removing tightly stuck screws will be a walk in the park job site as the torque produces the same power each way the screw goes. You are getting (or should be getting) a driver that sinks screws in like a knife slicing into water--slight exaggeration--okay, GREAT exaggeration but you get what I mean. 🙂


  • 3-speeds fro better fastening controls
  • 3- LED lights that switch off 6 seconds from releasing trigger
  • 1750 in-lb torque
  • 1/4 inch auto-loading chuck for changing bits in a one-handed flash!
  • Over-mold grip w/Micro texture for a more ergonomic feel


Q - Can this be used to remove lug nuts?

A - As powerful as this tool may be It just can't handle that type of job and you may want to look into impact wrenches. This tool produces up t0 1605 in-lb torque which equals to about 133 lbs which is not compatible for most lug nut removing.

Q - Is the impact driver brushless?

A - No. It's brushed.

Q - Does this driver come with a battery?

A - If the product you find shows "bare tool" then it will not have a battery or charger. If you want it to include then look for the products that show "kit" or combo in the description or title.

Q - Is the bit holder magnetic?

A - No. However, this tool has a auto-loading quick changing bit feature that should outweigh this missing feature.

The Verdict

Craftsman hardly ever produces low-quality machinery and products and I suspect they will not be changing their game anytime soon. If you purchase this impact drill kit take comfort in knowing a powerful, top quality driver will be delivered to your front door (unless you shop offline but who does that anymore? 😉 )

I do wish this tool came with a belt clip but maybe the one I'm looking at doesn't and some are sold with belt clips. I'm not too much help on that aspect but this tool is a beast and the 3 settings will allow you to bring down the beast and shimmy out some kitten power for the delicate jobs that too much power will hinder. Be sure to read more cordless drill reviews.