DEWALT DCF886D2 20-Volt XR 1/4 inch Impact Driver Kit

Dewalt impact driver 20v -- is this the best impact driver from Dewalt?I have to say that the DeWalt DCF886D2 20v XR is an exceptionally well made tool designed to handle many tough jobs and lighter loads without effort. You can just hold this cordless impact driver for a few fleeting moments to tell that this tool was engineered with great quality materials.

There is a fuel gauge for the batteries to keep track of usage left but with the strength of its battery I highly doubt you will be regularly checking out how much power is left and while driving in deck screws with no signs of stopping. Great for every homeowner that wants to build their own shed, build their own deck (as mentioned) or the many other chores owning a house has. With that being said this tool is amazing for the professional use as well. Every job site should have a Dewalt in near proximity if time management is a priority (aside from safety of course) because this tool just does not quit.


Compact and lightweight for those jobs in tight places, like between ceiling joists, and the weight will not cause you fatigue for the many overhead jobs there are. The torque will impress you when it shows how it can handle the job of removing or driving some of the toughest screws and bolts.

Some of Dewalt Impact Driver Features:

  • 3 LED lights that will keep you working into the night hours or in dark spaces with 20 second trigger delay
  • Show off some major skills with the one-handed chuck loading and 1/4 inch hex will accept 1" bit tips
  • Convenience of having a belt hook for those up and down the ladder jobs
  • Includes two max compact Li-Ion batteries and carrying bag


I can't do a review on the best impact drivers without telling you some disappointments. This products origin is from China and I do know China has a stigma for producing low quality steel and products but this impact driver doesn't seem to embody any of the ill-facts associated with the many other products that come from China. Give this impact drill a shot. Ask yourself a few simple questions. Are you a Contractor? Are a DIYer? Are you Handyman? Are you a Construction worker? If you answered yes to any of these questions or all (busy busy busy) then you will want this tool in your toolbox. You can expect to drive countersink screws into wood as if the wood had already been driven into beforehand that is how much ease that's involved. To top it all off you're combining a brushless motor with Lithium Ion batteries which will last you a long time that the spare battery will probably not see too much work.

Top Questions & Answers:

Q - Does this drill have variable speed?

A - Yes it does. It doesn't come with multiple speed settings but it is variable depending on the amount of pressure that is applied to the trigger.

Q - What is the weight and how compact is it?

A - 5.5" from the front to the back and weight just 8.21 pounds

Q - Why is it better to have brushless verses brushed?

A - When using brushless the motor will deliver almost 60% more power and the battery will last much longer. Pair the Brushless with a Li-ion battery and you are all set for a long weeks days work.

The Verdict

I really don't know why you're still on this page and not ordering yourself a DEWALT DCF886D2 20-Volt Max 1/4-Inch Impact Driver right now. You will not be disappointed and you can even forgive the fact that it came from China because somehow some great material bypassed all the crap and this amazing tool was created.