Hitachi 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Impact Driver

Read our Hitachi 18v cordless drill review -- is it the best brushless impact driver?Looking for the best brushless impact driver? Hitachi is one of the most reliable power tools in its class. Both professionals and DIYer's are going to get a lot of use out of the Hitachi WHDGL 1/4 inch Impact Driver. It's compact and lightweight making it easily usable in confined spaces without adding stress to ones body when dealing with awkward areas like ceiling joist when your balance is very important.

The features on this driver are terrific and you will be happy to have the LED light that comes on when you lightly trigger the driver instead of turning on the motor giving you a chance to pin point the exact spot for your drivers destination when working in darker areas, whereas, other drivers LED light doesn't turn on until the driver is doing its job and light over shadowing will no longer be an issue.


This driver works like a machine with any task like mount brackets for shelving, drilling pilot holes for screws, drilling holes for wall anchors (providing you have the correct bits), driving your way through ceiling joist--you name it the Hitachi is driving in it with ease.  You really should have this tool in with the other stash of arsenals stored in your tool box.

Hitachi Impact Driver Features:

  • Lithium-ion battery recharges in 35 minutes/delivers a longer lifespan battery/ comes with a fade-free power
  • LED eliminates light over shadowing while illuminating any dark work spaces
  • No issues with fatigue with all day constant usage with it's light weight 3.1 pound compact body
  • Fast bit changing thanks to 1/4 quick change chuck
  • Operator has complete control of power tool with Hitachi's responsive variable speed trigger
  • Delivers 1280 in-lb torque

Some Dislikes to this Driver:

The switch for the reverse forward setting feels like it is easily breakable and made cheaply, however, with the tools terrific warranty this should not deter you from owning this amazing tool.It also doesn't come packed with a belt clip which is pretty convenient for the fellas that need both of their hands for projects and don't want to lay their tools down.

Pretty much it for the flaws. Moving on.

Putting this baby to the test you will have fun driving  a mixture of 6 inch heavy duty Timberlok screws and 3 inch screws all day long without the tool flinching. Just keep in mind, if you're planning an all day project with a lot of use out of the impact driver keep your extra battery on hand. The lithium-ion battery will last you a long while regardless of a light or heavy duty project but the battery will give no "die off" warning and will just STOP. When it is done it will just be done. Luckily it only takes 35 minutes to charge giving you time to enjoy your lunch break and get back in the game--so if you forget the spare battery no worries.

Commonly asked questions:

Q - Does the driver come with a case?

A - Yes. It will include a hard case at no additional charge

Q - How many batteries will I get with the purchase?

A  - Two amazingly long lithium-ion batteries that take 35 minutes to charge plus you get the charger

Q - Will it handle #8 3 inch screws in pressure-treated wood?

A - Absolutely! This tool is pretty impressive and powerful

My final thoughts:

This impact driver is pretty handy whether you're an industrial maintenance worker, DIY'er fixing house repairs or the hobbyist creating weekend masterpieces you will enjoy having this tool at your side. The variable speed will keep you in full control of the power needed while the LED light illuminates any dark working area or when jobs go into the night without the lithium-ion battery giving out quickly. If lithium-ion battery ever does give out be reassured that this product includes a spare and charging time is only 35 minutes giving you enough time to down a hoagie and soda.

You will enjoy the Hitachi WH18DGL 1/4 18v. Impact Driver.