Makita Impact Driver Cordless 18v Brushless

Makita impact driver 18v brushlessNot everyone has an impact driver in their tool kit, but maybe they should. The Makita impact driver make tightening, loosening, and driving bolts, screws, and other fasteners easy and fast compared to using a hand wrench or ratchet. Stubborn and rusty nuts and bolts are easily overcome with this powerful 18 Volt impact driver and the right driver attachment. Loosening bolts is only one of many jobs you can get done with this versatile cordless power tool.

The Makita impact driver is one of Makita's increasing number of cordless power tools making every contractor and homeowner home repair job easier. Makita's long and positive reputation as a high quality source for power tools is translating easily into their new line of cordless power tools like the Makita impact driver.



Why I like The Makita 18v Impact Driver?

The rechargeable lithium ion batteries are lightweight and charge up quickly, keeping your project moving. Batteries are interchangeable between Makita power tools, so if you already have a Makita drill, reciprocating saw, or other cordless Makita power tool, you have the batteries needed for a Makita impact driver.

Makita impact drivers can be purchased as a stand-alone tool without batteries, as a unit with a battery and charger, and as a whole kit with impact driver, batteries, charger, and carrying case included.

High quality steel used in the construction of the Makita cordless impact driver means longer tool life and greater force when tackling hard to loosen nuts, bolts, screws, and other fasteners. The brushless motor design runs cool, has an outstanding life-span, and produces a hefty maximum torque of 1,420 lbs., giving you the leverage you need for all kinds of home and auto repair.

Variable speeds allow you to adjust the torque and force depending on the size, material, and condition of the fastener you are working on. The Makita impact driver works with hex shaft screw, torx, and socket attachments of all kinds.

Commonly asked Questions

Q -Impact Driver or Impact Wrench?

A - An impact driver and an impact wrench are basically the same tool, except an impact wrench can achieve higher torques needed for automobile lug nuts and similar large fasteners. The Makita impact driver is the perfect easy-to-manage cordless power tool for smaller jobs around the home and shop.

Q - Does the Makita Impact Driver Work as a Drill?

A - The Makita impact driver also drills holes. The hex lug chuck lets you slip in a spade or auger wood drill bit and drill a hole with ease. Starting the hole first with a nail or punch makes it easier when using the impact driver at lower speeds for drilling holes, and drilling holes with an impact driver is best for rough construction work.

Q - Is 18 Volts Enough?

A - Some tools on the market rated as 20 Volt actually have a maximum peak voltage of less. The 18 Volt Makita impact driver delivers plenty of power for all kinds of home and auto repair, and it weighs in at an easy to handle 3.3 lbs.

Any tool kit will benefit from a new Makita cordless impact driver.