Milwaukee Impact Driver M18 Fuel Review

Read our Milwaukee impact driver M18 reviewThis Impact driver means some serious business whatever is placed in front of its driver better watch out because the power behind its torque quickly drives any screw or bolt in its path even when the battery is on its last bit of fuel. You will really enjoy using the power control ensuring top precision even being able to drive through drywall screws with it turned down without having to drive the screw all the way through the wall.

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact driver is an amazingly versatile piece of machinery as it can be used to change tires on a car ( not recommended but some fellas have shared their results using this tool for the job), or used on a commercial job site to being a home owners sidekick helping him/her finish their "honey do" list with ease and comfort.



It may be an 18 volt but this tool outperforms many of the 20 volt impact drivers out in today's market including many high end models, but I won't throw any shade their way and keep their names anonymous. I'm just thrilled at the power this Milwaukee driver has.

Lets talk more about the power because Handymen, Contractors etc., love any tool that provides a lot of power. This tool features three torque settings which is so handy when you only need a certain amount of oomph to finish a project or need a little extra something to drive the screw home.

Milwaukee Impact Driver M18 Features:

  • The red lithium battery pack the Milwaukee driver uses it the top rated in the current market providing users with almost or exactly 50% more battery life than other leading models making this tool a driver that just doesn't want to stop when the shift ends (or job is finished).
  • Three fastening modes
  • Its brushless motor gives 55% faster application speed with a range of 200 in-lbs to 1600 in-lbs of torque

This baby is extremely compact and lightweight weighing at a mere 3.1 pounds. Not the lightest but with all the extra power and long lasting battery life it is pretty light. You would also think that with the amount of power this tool gives that the driver would get all hot but it doesn't.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - Does this impact driver come with a hard case or extra batteries?

A - No! It's a bare tool which means it's as naked as a new born pup. You will only receive the tool unless you buy their kit combo. You won't even get a battery that will be sold separately as well--unless you get the kit

Q - I know it is a bare tool, but will it come with a belt clip?

A - Yes, it will come with a belt clip.

Q - I know this tool is not designed for this but could it remove a rug nut?

A - Not recommended because as you stated, this tool is not designed for that, however, it can! You really only want to use this tool for screws and bolts and maybe a few light jobs working with cars. So even though some have had success with rug nuts it's only time until someone has a bad experienced.

Q - Does it have variable speed?

A - Yes. It is reversible and it will not strip the Philips head screws.


My Final Thoughts

You will love to have this impact driver in your toolbox, tool shed, in your purse (kidding), and you will love the never ending battery life and power this baby produces. The downside is that you're only getting the driver and a belt clip and will have to purchase the battery and charger separately or checkout the prices for the kit which comes with the whole shebang. I think it may be cheaper getting the kit but I could be wrong because prices change all the time and I will not know which way is cheaper during the day you happen to read this article review.

Point blank. Milwaukee makes fine machinery and this impact driver 18 volt follows in the foot steps of all the great tools before it. Enjoy!