Porter Cable 20-volt 1/4-Inch Hex Lithium Ion Impact Driver Review

Porter cable 20v impact driver ratings and reviewsWhen most people go out shopping for a cordless impact driver, which by the way is a tool that is highly underrated, their first motives are just to get a supplementary tool to add with the others in their toolbox. Little do these consumers realize until later on is that they've just bought a tool that doesn't compliment the other tools but over shadows and replaces the other tools.

What makes these impact drivers so amazing is the fact of how much torque and speed is inside such a lightweight tool. The tool is so comfortable to use when installing cabinets or shelving as it doesn't cause too much fatigue on the operator. This tool is a dream for an electrician or cabinet maker.


What makes the 20v Porter Cable impact driver such a great drill?

This porter cable tool has a great 1/2 inch quick hex change feature allowing you to show off some of your one-handed skills. It does come with one LED light that is trigger released and that also means the light comes off automatically once you release your finger. I don't care for the trigger release for the light because I feel it is more convenient to have a light that you can turn on before you begin driving in some screws so that you can properly line up your aim correctly and then to have the light stay on after you drive the screw in to make sure you did it flawlessly. Other than this minor flaw, so far I'm digging this impact driver.

There is also a 2 bit magnetic holder which you will oddly not see in a lot of the higher end drivers being such a convenient addition. Nothing slows production down more than (other than a dying battery) searching for bits that are needed when you can get them ready beforehand. You will also be happy to know that you will have a battery light indicator allowing you advance warning about when your shift is going to be forced to clock out early, however, I highly doubt you will have to experience this burden when this tool comes with the ultimate lithium-ion battery that is built to stay strong long after your back gives out.

The charge time is only 40 minutes but consumers have reported their batteries already being one third of the way charged making it to where they only needed an initial 15 minutes to get a full charged battery and be on their way to their projects.

*WARNING: It has been clearly recognized that once you get this impact driver in your hand you are going to want to investigate all the poor screw jobs you have in your home from using low quality drivers and non powered screw drivers--your family will miss you. 🙂


  • Quick fastening applications thanks to the high performance transmission
  • Fatigue reduction all thanks to how compact the Porter-cable PCCK640lb is
  • One-handed bit change feature provide by the easy load chuck
  • LED light for dark working spaces (Triggered released--would be better if it has a lock switch)
  • Battery fuel gauge leaving you no surprises for when you need a spare battery (rare with a lithium-ion battery unless you don't charge it for the full 40 minutes allotted)

Commonly asked questions:

Q - Is this driver brushless?A - No.

Q - How many volts does this tool has because the product name says 20 volts but other sites show 18 volt in their description?

A - It is a 20 volt! Now I went into further detail about a similar issue someone had with a different drill and they wondered why the description was different than the title so I'm just going quote myself instead of repeating myself.

" The lithium ion battery has 5 cells and each cell contains 3.7 volts each, which will equal out to 18.5 volts and once the battery has had a chance to get a full charge it will increase its volts by 0.3 that is the missing 1.5 volts from the description that totals out to 20 volts." -Me/Nerd!

Q - Does this model come with a belt clip?

A - Yes!

Q - What is the torque?

A - 1450 in-lbs

Q - Any bits included with purchase?

A - 2 Philips head screw driving bit will be included

This model is not a speed activated tool and can produce a great deal of torque so you need to be aware of how much trigger you apply to the screw and not be caught off guard. You can expect this porter cable tool to drive through hardwood with screws and lag bolts like spreading peanut butter onto bread (Ummm, PB&J.)

My final word

From everything already previously mentioned you've got a sturdy, well-built piece of engineering that will not fail to impress. You could even drop this dud off a 20-25 foot ladder and not worry about saying your condolences because he will be just fine. 🙂

*Don't try and test that out just let it happen naturally, haha!

Bottom line is that when you buy the porter cable PCCK640LB 20-volt 1/4-Inch Hex Lithium Ion Impact Driver remember just one thing: It's not just a tool you're getting but more of a tool boss and not a supplementary addition.