Ridgid 18v Cordless Impact Driver Review

Read our Ridgid impact driver reviewI must say the Rigid GEN5X is an underrated impact driver not experiencing the same attention as its competitors. I will refer to this driver one time as being the diamond in the rough. This tool has so much power and convenience on its side you will enjoy knowing that at one point in your project you can go from driving screws into metal then easily switch to shooting a screw into something like drywall thanks to the 3-speed settings because all workers know that every two jobs are not alike and using too much power than is needed can have ill-effects on your work.

The Tri-Beam LED lights will become an instant hit as it will shine the darkest of spaces and there is a button that allows for a flashlight use instead of it only shining when the trigger is pressed.


*TIP: For the price of the replacement battery I suggest you just buy an extra tool because the tool is cheap enough while only costing slightly more than the driver itself. Kind of reminds of the days of just buying a new printer for my computer versus spending so much money on the ink that cost almost MORE than the printer itself.

Have fun knowing that you can spend the day driving 3 inch torx screws along with 3-4 8-10 inch lag bolts solely on ONE CHARGE! Lithium-ion battery is the way to go to get the job done.

And if you work in the automotive industry or work on your own cars you will like having the ability to loosen lug bolts and fasten smaller bolts without the need of doing a once over with a ratchet--great for the de-assembling/re-assembly.

The ergonomic design this Rigid model has will be great for preventing white finger syndrome (secondary form of Raynaud's syndrome) and for those that are unsure of what that is it is an industrial type of injury that is triggered by a considerable amount of exposure to vibrations with a handheld machine. With all that said, the comfortable grip this tool has will take in most of the machines vibrations minimizing your chances of developing white finger syndrome something that thousands of workers develop.

Other Ridgid Impact Driver Features:

  • The kit includes driver, charger, battery, and a carrying bag
  • 3-speed setting to keep you in control of precise jobs or job requiring a lot of power
  • Eliminate shadowing around the bit when you have the Tri-Beam LED lighting located in the front housing
  • Ergonomic grip that is great form limiting hand exposure to the many vibrations emitted by the driver
  • 1 handed quick bit loader with simple bit releasing feature and snap load collet


Q - Should I buy spare batteries for this kit?

A - This is a brushless driver using lithium-ion batteries I don't see it necessary to spend almost the same amount as the kit for just a spare battery that will go unneeded. One battery alone will produce a long lasting charge and be a long lasting battery.

If you still want an extra battery do as I aforementioned. Just invest in another kit that is close in price but not only delivers you a back up battery but you also get a back up driver for when you have a buddy helping you out on a job around the house or work site.

Q - I'm working on a few house projects one being a 14x14 shed. Will 1/4 inch be a good size to use for this project in particular?

A - Will it be enough? You bet! It will be enough and then some. I do foresee you having to charge the battery a couple times before the job is through but heck, that is a big project. Also drivers are commonly used for the purpose of driving longer screws into lumber or concrete. Have fun working on your house projects with this reliable baby!

The Verdict

This is a great tool built with top quality. It can handle tough jobs or lighter jobs delivering amazing results. The ergonomic grip will feel amazing on the hands of a worker that uses this tool on a daily basis reducing their chance of developing hand injuries.

The price is very affordable especially for all that it includes. For the price of the kit most brands charge just for the bare tool. The rigid GEN5X will be your left-hand man and you will not want to put him back in the box. Be sure to read more of our cordless drill driver reviews.