Rockwell Brushless Impact Driver 20 VOLT

Read our inclusive review of the 20v Rockwell impact driverBoth Professionals and DIYers are beaming about the Rockwell 20 Volt impact driver. This driver delivers consistent increased power thanks to its brushless motor with 25 percent more power than other brushed motors. Combining the extra power with a lithium-ion battery your driver will keep going until the job gets finished.
You get an LED light that is conveniently located on the base of the driver so that it will illuminate in an upwards angle eliminating the annoying flaw with other drivers where the chuck will block your working area. Another thing about the LED light that I like a lot is that you can gently press the trigger to release the lighting and it will stay on for a minute after you've released the trigger which is ideal when you're trying to pin point the exact location to where you want to aim your driver when working in the dark.


Does This 20v Impact Driver Pack a Punch? Yes it Does!

Expect to drive 5 inch deck screws into 6x6's all day with this beast along with 3 inch x 1/2 inch hex screws into tough concrete, driving 3 inch long spax screws into plywood, and by doing all of this with its powerful breaking action. The balance this driver has is top notch and the driver does its thing without stripping the heads of screws.


  • Brushless motor that will increase the power of the driver compared to brushed
  • LED light that is trigger released and stays on a minute after releasing trigger as well as conveniently located at the base of the driver
  • 1/4" quick change chuck
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Low battery indicator that will track the status of the battery leaving no surprises
  • Motor to weight balance of the driver will handle hard jobs without causing user fatigue

Compact enough to fit into tight spaces but made with a lot of power to handle most jobs the Rockwell 20 max volt driver will make any tool box shine. The brushless motor technology was engineered to keep the motor cooler without overloading and overheating while allowing the motor to last a lot longer than brushed motors.

Impact drivers are rapidly becoming the go to drill and consumers are quickly ignoring the noise stigma it once had because of the power these drivers produce overshadows all the other cordless drills. Why get a cordless drill when a driver can do much of the same work but faster?

Some Commonly Asked Questions About The 20v Rockwell Driver

Q - Will the battery come with a charger?

A - Yes.

Q - How many batteries will I receive?

A - 2

Q - How much torque?

A - 1500 in-lb

Q - Is there a warranty with this driver?

A - There sure is! 10 YEARS! Plus there is a free battery for life program set by the Rockwell company.

What's My Final Word...

There are not too many 20 volts out there that provide the power while still feeling lightweight and compact reducing user fatigue and while being able to comfortably maneuver any tight areas. I love the warranty involved with the tool and the lifelong battery deal--not too many promotions going on like that one.

Another comparable impact driver would be: The 20v Dewalt XR impact driver -- this driver comes packed with a lot of goodies and there's tons of great reviews on the web about them. You should also give that a read.

The quick change of the driver bits and location of the LED lights are awesome features to have and the driver is affordable. Good tool for Homeowner's, Professionals and DIYer's combined.