Milwaukee 2602-22 M18 18-Volt Cordless 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill/Driver Kit Review

Having a reliable drill is one of the most important aspects of being a dedicated hobbyist or professional assembler and technician. You would not want to start the job with faulty materials, right? The same can be said of your tools. No job will be complete if you use a drill that you are not comfortable with or that performs at a level that is not right for you. Of the higher quality drills, the Milwaukee 2601-22 18-volt Li-ion Compact Drill is one of the most efficient that can be found.




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What are the PROs to buying a Milwaukee 18v cordless drill?

Basic Specifications

To begin, one of the best things about this drill is its sleek and lightweight design. The comfortable grip and operation allows it stand out as the best cordless drill available for purchase. It runs smoothly and efficiently, with two different speed options available depending on the type of job in which you will be engaging. A basic warranty comes standard with each unit, and the package features a five year tool warranty with an additional two year battery warranty. Purchasing the drill on Amazon can also ensure different sale opportunities, which can make purchasing the drill even more enticing for the busy hobbyist or regular laborer.

Battery Power and Capabilities

Immediately, many people will notice why the lithium ion batteries make this drill the best priced cordless drill that can be purchased. The batteries are able to run for a very long time, with many users reporting that they were still using their first charge despite several weeks of consistent use. Should they run out, the charger allows them to be recharged in as little as fifteen minutes. Quick and efficient, the batteries stand out above the competition and make the drill great on the go.

Additional Features

Several additional features come standard with the Milwaukee cordless drill as well, designed to make whatever task the drill will be used for easier to manage. A built in LED flashlight helps illuminate the area in which you are working, making this drill ideal for getting visibility in tight corners and spaces. The drill comes with a belt hook, which can make it easy to use in a flash for busy contractors. Another key feature of interest is the way that the batteries work. While most devices will begin to lose power as the batteries slowly drain, this drill continues working at one hundred percent of its capacity up until the point where the batteries are completely drained.

What are the CONs?

While it may sound too good to be true, the drill has few, if any cons at all. If any area may seem to be lacking, it is in the price department. Though a good sale can lower the purchasing price, the drill is a bit on the expensive side, especially for people who plan on using the drill for weekend projects and the occasional odd job. For contractors and professionals, however, nothing can beat the quality and performance of this drill. From its incredible power to its sleek and lightweight design, this drill is ideal for those who plan on making it a regular part of their routine.