DEWALT DCD790D2 20V MAX XR Lithium-Ion 1/2-in Cordless Drill Review

Dewalt brushless 20v Cordless Drill

If you are serious about do it yourself home projects and repairs, then you will no doubt want to have a reliable drill, one that will last you as long as you need it too, while delivering consistent and quality service. Unfortunately, most cheap drills just will not do, and often homeowners can find themselves overwhelmed by the prices of some of the best drills on the market. But like a superhero, the dewalt DCD790B is here to save the day, combining the efficiency and power of a high quality drill with an affordable price and a lightweight design.

Efficient and High Quality Performance

The first thing that will please many dedicated hobbyists and enthusiasts is the drill's ability to efficiently perform its duty up close and personal in tight spaces and corners. The compact head and lightweight design make it ideal for tackling a wide variety of personal projects, no matter the scale or scope. The comfortable grip makes sure that the drill does not damage to either you or the project on which it is being used.

Brushless Drill Motor

With new advances in hardware, many experts are finding that dewalt brushless drills are getting the job done faster and more efficiently than drills that would otherwise make use of a brush in its internal design. Without the typical brush friction and significant electrical resistance losses, brushless motors are a lot more efficient at being able to perform more work per unit of electrical current when compared to other ordinary motors.

Powerful Battery Life

This powerful drill makes use of an extremely powerful lithium-ion battery that, when combined with the brushless motor, extends the average continuous runtime of the drill to upwards of fifty seven percent of non brush competitors, upwards of 2.0 amp-hours. The secret lies in the energy density of the lithium-ion batteries, which are typically twice as much as the standard battery. The load characteristics are as good and behave as powerfully as ordinary batteries in terms of discharge, but they are able to provide much more power in the long run. This makes the Dewalt DCD790B extremely long lasting and able to get the job done no matter how long it will take.

Three Year Limited Warranty

As to be expected of such high quality drills, a three year limited warranty comes standard with every sale. Often Amazon sales feature these products for the best prices and can provide users with varying sale options at different times of the year.


If this handy little device had any shortfalls, they are minimal when compared to the overall design. While it does come standard with a belt clip for easy access, it does not have spare bit holders available on its design, which might be a minor problem for rush jobs. Additionally, the LED light that comes with this drill may cast a shadow over the drill itself, depending on the angle and the corner in which it is being used, which can cause visibility problems.

For its price and performance, this Dewalt cordless drill can make an excellent purchase for at home hobbyists and construction professionals alike.