The Best 18v Cordless Drill Goes to: Makita LXT Brushless Drill

best 18v cordless drill in my opinion is the Makita brushless cordless drillWhether working as a trades person or working on a few projects around the house, a reliable cordless drill is often a necessity. Reliability, durability, and performance are some of the most important features in a drill. The best 18v cordless drill is one that doesn't need to be charged frequently and never fails to get the job done. The Makita brushless cordless dril gets the job done every time. The product comes as a stand alone drill or as a combo package, with carry case, rechargeable battery, battery charger, and impact driver.



Why Did I Give Makita The Best 18v Cordless Drill Rating?


Makita tools are among the most reputable brands on the market. They are well known and trusted, among contractors of all types. It never fails to perform as expected, in a variety of situations.

The XLT 18v hammer drill/driver offers up to 520 in. lbs of torque. It is powerful enough for most construction and trade jobs. It is also suitable for most DIY projects around the house.

The electronic motor adjusts torque and power to match the demand of the job. This often eliminates the need to adjust the power from one job to the next. The brush-less motor uses less energy than other motors, which allows the drill to be used for longer periods of time on each job or from one job to the next.

Dust and water resistance help keep the drill operating at optimal levels, months and years after purchase.


As a battery operated unit, it can be used as easily outdoors, as indoors. There is no need to worry about an extension cord or water hazards on a construction site.

As a separate unit, this model does not come with the rechargeable battery. The battery must be purchased separately.

As a single drill, the product doesn't come with a carrying case or any type of protective case.

The Makita products may be a bit pricey for home or occasional DIY use. At around $120 for the drill alone, home owners may choose a less expensive model.

Top Q&A's About Makita's 18v drill

Why choose a brush-less drill?

A brush-less drill operates more efficiently, using less power than a standard drill. This means it can work longer between charges, in many cases. Brush-less motors operate more quietly. Users may experience less fatigue and may be safer on the job, as they are able to hear more of their surroundings.

What accessories come with the Makita brushless cordless drill?

When purchased alone, the drill only comes with a single Phillips head and flat head combo driver. The rechargeable battery must be purchased separately. As part of a set, the drill comes with an impact driver or circular saw, battery and charger, and handy carrying case. The set can be purchased for around $290 with the impact driver, or around $260 with the circular saw.

How long does the battery hold a charge?

The brushless drill uses less energy than a standard model. So, the battery will hold a charge up to 50% longer than standard models. The length of time for the charge will depend on the level of usage and the demand for power during use.