Best Cordless Drills of 2018 is Here with Ratings & Reviews

Last Updated: 3/6/2018

If you are a handy type of dude you're going to want a trust worthy drill in your home--drills are like wood, it has so many useful purposes. Building your own deck, attaching and assembling, installing drywall--you name it, if you can fix it or build it a cordless drill is your buddy.

Even though cordless drills are convenient sometimes it can be a nuisance having to make sure you have enough battery life to finish a project. Nothing is worst than coming to the end of a project to have to put the job on hold to charge up the drill. This is why it's important to find a drill with a strong battery. We want to help you find a cordless drill that meets all of your individual needs.

So with the year coming to an end, we are ready to let you know what were the top cordless drills of 2018.


Milwaukee M18 cordless drillBest 18V: Milwaukee M18 Drill

As I've mentioned, you will want a drill that has a long lasting battery. The Milwaukee M18 Drill gives you exactly that! If you have a project that requires you to extend your arm out over your head to drill, no worries, this baby is lightweight with an ergonomic grip. (Read More Here.)




Bosch Cordless drillBosch DDS181 18V

Working with both wood and metal--not a problem--the Bosch DDS181 is your source for achieving that. It is lightweight and features an Ion-lithium battery, which is fantastic for those tough jobs. The torque on this bad boy will send shivers down your spine--lots of power with its 600 lb push. (Read More Here.)



Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hole Haw

Are you looking to push holes through faster? Sill question, of course you do. Cordless drills are rapidly improving and the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hole Haw makes no exception. It's ergonomic grip, long lasting battery, and constant torque will leave no job unfinished. (Read More Here.)

Bosch DDH 181X-01 18v cordless Drill/Driver reviewBosch DDH 181X-01 18v Drill/Driver

Fully equipped with the Active Response Technology, you will not have to worry about dangerous kickback with this drill. The auxiliary handle on this drill gives your projects more stability and much needed control, which can also be adjusted to 23 different positions. The tongue and locking feature prevents your drill from slipping making this drill heavy duty as far as quality and construction goes. (Read More Here.)



Dewalt 20v max cordless drill reviewDewalt DCD790 20v

The very compact, brushless drill by Dewalt is an amazing tool to add to your collection. The response time on this drill is so quick leaving no delays that can effect the outcome of your project. It's lightweight, it's battery last roughly 4x longer and no shadows illuminating from the chuck. (Read our Full Review Here)


Hitachi DS18DSAL 18V 1/2 inch Lithium ion Cordless Drill

This ergonomic cordless drill may not be brushless but it uses a Lithium ion battery that makes this drill ideal for long hours. The outer appearance may not be as appealing as other drills but we want a drill that drills great not a purse. It comes with a 5 position flashlight, which also uses Lithium ion. The ratcheting chuck is 1/2" and keeps hold of the bits better than other leading cordless drills. (Read More Here)

Ingersoll Rand D1130 3/8" 12v Cordless Drill/Driver

This impact-resistant cordless drill is multi-talented as it can be used both in an automobile setting or household. The 3/8" drill is precise and ergonomic because of its compact size. Achieves utmost results when working with synthetic and metal exteriors. It performs multiple functions utilizing its 15 position clutch settings--you will not be disappointed. (Read More Here.)

Ingersoll Rand D5140 1/2" Cordless

This heavy-duty drill/driver was built to withstand the harsh chemicals of an automotive shop, including, the sometimes unavoidable drops on a hard garage floor. The drill is a lot more heavier than most cordless drills, but we are dealing with an industrial drill it needs to be strong--lightweight drills can't handle extreme exposures to fluid and chemicals like the Ingersoll Rand can. (Read More Here.)

Milwaukee M12 Fuel 2403

This drill is ideal for the every day household task or your DIY projects. It is very lightweight which leaves you feeling less fatigued when going up and down a ladder. For its weight many consumers are surprised by how much power this little dude pushes out. It could use a better battery but we're talking about a 12v--it gets the job done and doesn't wear you out. (Read More Here.)

Your tool box is counting on YOU to make the best decision.

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