Best Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill — My Top Three

Best lithium ion cordless drill reviews and ratings explained with our top rated choice in impact drills and drivers

When looking for a drill, you will want one that will be more than "just a tool" you want a drill that screams "I will own your project, please pick me" because then you know you are getting your right hand man. There are so many ways to use a cordless drill that finding that right one is what will set the tone to how your project will pan out. We like tools that will make the project, not tools that will work on the project.

So many people are becoming apart of the DIY trend, leaving power tools in higher demand, and with that higher demand comes more innovative features being created. Basically, power drill Manufacturer's are stepping up their game with the increase (money-making opportunities) need for their tools. Now lets check out the list for the Best Cordless Drills.

Who Makes The Best Lithium ion Cordless Drill?

You will be happy to learn that the DeWALT DCD790 20V MAX XR cordless compact driver delivers the goods. Not only does this drill come with a battery life that seems to last longer than vegetables on a kids plate, but it is brushless. When you are using a brushless drill you have less maintenance to worry about leaving you to focus more on your projects.

This lightweight 20v lithium ion cordless drill gives you 15 clutch settings and its ratcheting chuck uses metal instead of plastic like some other cordless drills use. It also encompasses an amazing LED light that will shine directly on the spot you are drilling, which is very efficient for nighttime electricians or for those dark hard to squeeze into corners where not much lighting shines through. Speaking of LED's this drill also includes a 3-LED fuel gauge system that will showcase how much battery life you have left before another charge is due---plus providing a 35 minute quick charge feature. ( Read Full Dewalt Cordless Drill Review)


The life of the charge is the best part, since it uses a lithium ion battery, worrying about the charge cutting off mid project is not in this drills vocabulary.

Uses a high level of revolutions per minute.


The torque is not as powerful as other brushless drills but that may just be because of its size but expected when wanting a compact drill for awkward positions.

Makita LXT 18V is the best 18volt Lithium ion Cordless Drill
The Makita Cordless drill takes power to any job site whether you need it as a hammer drill or as a driver drill, seeing as how versatile it is no job is too much for the Makita XPH012 to handle.


Comes equipped with a built-in LED light that will make nighttime projects a lot easier.

Weighing in at just 4.0 pounds this drill is lightweight and easy to use for overhead jobs.


Black & Decker LDX112 C 12V MAX is the Best 12v lithium ion cordless drill

Sometimes projects just don't need a heavy-duty 18v drill and you just need a little handheld buddy to help you along your small DIY projects. That is why Black & Decker's LDX112 C 12V should join you on your tiny endeavors.

Amazing for confined spaces, the 12v Black & Decker also comes loaded with variable speeds so that adjusting the power for certain type of materials will ensure that no damages, tough power for metal and less power for wood. This drill is great for everyday chores or some people like to refer to it as the honey-do list.


Lightweight and easy to use in small quarters where a larger drill may not fit it.

The adjustable torque makes this drill very versatile when dealing with all sorts of materials.

Doesn't cause much fatigue for the operator since it is compact, especially great when having to raise your arm up high for a job.


The drill is less consistent when drilling at slower speeds making the trigger sensitive when drilling with smaller screws.

Top Rated Cordless Drill Questions & Answers

What is the difference between a hammer driver drill and an impact driver drill?

An impact driver is for anything from driving screws or bolts to drilling holes into wood. The hammer drill can drill through brick, concrete and mortar---the toughest jobs.

When looking at the mode settings ring, why is there a special hammer setting?

You will want to use that setting when dealing with a very tight screw or bolt, often times, when a screw is on too tightly that a regular impact drill can't retrieve it and that is when the hammer drill mode setting comes in, turn the ring to the hammer setting and watch that stuck screw or bolt come loose.

What is the most efficient chuck size a drill should have?

Many drillers will agree that 1/2 inch chuck is the most efficient and all you really for your everyday projects.
To sum it up, every toolbox should house a cordless drill. The efficiency the drill will bring to any job or project is greatly needed. Just make sure you pick the right drill for the projects you will be doing. You don't need a heavy-duty drill if all you will be doing is screwing in birdhouses---leave those jobs for the 12V compact drills.