Bosch 18V Brushless Hybrid Impact Driver and Wrench

Bosch 18v cordless impact driver ratingsLooking for a featured packed tool with highly innovated features built with solid craftsmanship? You may want to continue reading the review on the Bosch IDH182-02L 18 volt. This brushless socket ready impact driver does what it says and then some. You will discover that the weight of the battery packs and this tool provide a well balanced hold with a thin grip.

You will absolutely love the quick chuck change and the fact that you can use a 1/2 inch socket with a hexadecimal bit without the need for adapters--Two tools in one!

This tool can handle an all day project of removing hundreds of jammed up rusty screws then proceed to drive a thousand or more newer screws without its battery giving out you've gotta love brushless tools for how long their battery last and for how much extra power it outputs.

I know it's recommended that you use a Cordless impact wrench for removing lug nuts but you will be happy to learn that this Bosch tool can remove lug nuts without loosening them up beforehand torqued to 100ft-lbs.


What else I like about Bosch 18v impact driver

I can't forget to mention the Bosch performance control system as this incredible feature allows for you to control the speed and torque with a simple push of a button. You will need this feature if your projects are diverse in the levels of power needed for certain applications. You have this button along with the variable speed that is trigger activated, which is perfect when you want to begin driving a screw out with a lot power but then slowly remove it once loose.

Overheating is not going to be an issue with this beast because of the built-in intelligent electronic cell and motor protection that keeps the tool from overloading and overheating--plus there is a cooling pack technology that has a built-in heat conducive housing for the battery helping to extend its lifespan while keeping it cool.

Speaking of "cool" things how would you like to know that you can work in -4 degree Fahrenheit weather without your tool taking a crap because it's freezing because of the tools battery cold weather performance which includes a gauge you will be driving in the snow. I'm sure you are very excited to work in such cold conditions without stopping now, huh? 🙂 Invest in some hand and toe warmers and you're good to go.

A tool this cool definitely has a 3 LED light system preventing shadows and keeping you working into the night to get the job done or those pesky dark spaces. The socket ready is one of its top features keeping you from dealing with broken socket adapters where you can quickly change from a 1/2 inch square drive chuck which are for sockets to a 1/4 inch quick change hex.

The hammer and anvil system is seriously keeping this tool ahead of its class with the crazy amount of torque and speed driving its way to a 1650 in-lbs of torque. Combine the torque with the speed control, the lithium-ion battery, and brushless motor you've got yourself a handheld earthquake!!

Most commonly asked questions about Bosch impact driver and wrench

Q - Is a proprietary socket needed for this driver or does it use standard 1/2 inch sockets?A - It uses standard 1/2 drive sockets. No adapters needed.

Q - Are Bosch batteries interchangeable?

A - If they are 18 volt and lithium-ion they are interchangeable so you can just purchase the bare tool to save some money

The Verdict

I believe it pretty much goes without saying that this tool is one of a kind. It embodies technologies that no other tool has dipped their toes into the water to even try. The power, the ergonomics, the battery life, and the special innovative features really gets the job done and efficiently.

If I were you I would definitely invest in a tough lock for your tool box because once others get a load of the "handheld earthquake" even the most honest men (or women) will question their own morals. Or you could just tell them where you purchased it from and that you got a really good deal to keep them on the straight and narrow. 🙂

P.S. I think know I took it too far stating that this tool will turn good hardworking folks into thieves as I was just excited while talking about this really awesome tool. No need to question your buddies when you leave your tool alone to take a tinkle--yes, I said tinkle. Enjoy the tool!